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NATU not happy about the agreement on salary negotiations

The National Teachers Union, which is an affiliate of the Independent Labour Caucus, is not happy about the conclusion of the 2015/2016 wage negotiations. NATU deputy president, Mr S.A. Thompson said they are...   More


NATU’S Call for the Establishment of Parity of Notches for Educators in Basic Education.

With The Notches Of General Public Servants Employed By The State: 1. In 2008 during the establishment of the Occupation Specific Dispensation (OSD) for Educators in Public Education, educators found...   More


NATU salary negotiations

Prepare for the worst as the 2015 salary negotiations are moving at a snail’s pace and suddenly reached a deadlock. Introduction: In 2012, all trade unions organising in the public service signed a...   More



The sessions were for educators who teach grades eight and nine mathematics in line with the Framework For Improving Learner Performance.    More

The National Teachers’ Union is a historically Black Teachers’ Trade Union established in 1918 now opened to the Nation, for purposes of: Improving the quality of teaching and learning which in turn leads to the general improvement in Education.

We are dedicated to actively promoting our cause and to providing you with relevant information.

Working for the improvement of the conditions of service for teachers in general and attending to the needs and problems of its members in particular

NATU attends to the economic, professional and personal needs and problems of her individual members better than other organisations to this end she has arranged

Self reliance and self-development, Freedom of association and right to organise, Professional approach to teaching inspired by children's right to learn, Political and religious non alignment