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A Teachers Pledge

I promise to promote and uphold the integrity of the teaching profession, I realize that those I teach may put me on pedestal, and emulate what I do. I strive to appropriately guide and not mislead those entrusted to my care and enrichment.

I promise to execute my duties responsibly and conscientiously, I realize that I have a significant role to play in uplifting my people and building my Nation. I will strive to contribute towards the cultivation of a responsible, productive, innovative and thinking populace.

I promise to find the spark in every student and kindle it to a blazing flame, I realize that this commitment will require effort and dedication on my part. I will strive to make every interaction yield some positive results for those I Teach.

I promise to help each individual I teach to achieve his or her highest potential, I realize that my mission will often be plagued with hardships, I will strive to always do my utmost best despite the trials along the way. I promise to continuously fine-tune my skills and upgrade myself, I realize that learning is a life - long enterprise.

May Mvelinqangi, the Almighty, and those great teachers who went before me lead, guide and strengthen me so that I may uphold this pledge until I join them in eternity.