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Facts and Misconceptions

True or False

NATU is IFP-True or False?
-False, Natu is not aligned to any political party, members can freely choose which party to support. Unlike other teacher unions who are aligned with other political parties, Natu is neutral.

NATU is pro-ANC-True or False?
-False, Natu is not pro ANC either. The union was born 97 years ago and has had leaders who come from different political parties.  One such  leader was President ZK Matthews, who was an astute academic and was a leader of the ANC. He is grandparent of the Senior ANC Minister Naledi Pandor.

NATU is for old teachers.
False-This is also not true Natu caters for all age groups, young and old. We have branch leaders who are young and old and we even have members who don’t pay subscription in universities who are pursuing teaching qualifications.

NATU is not part of any other union formation.
False-Natu is a member of Independent Labour Caucus and is also a member of Education Labour Relations in provinces. Although we are based in KZN, we do have a national presence with branches in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Eastern Cape etc.

One comment on “Facts and Misconceptions

  1. Sibusiso Sibisi Reply

    I congratulate Mr Ngcobo for leading us as Natu members in such an honest way. Long live my President.

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