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Membership Plan for NATU members

Automatic Benefits

for you and your spouse and own children

No waiting periods

12 months exclusion applies to suicide

Premium waiver

premiums will be waived for 36 months on the death of the main member

The NATU membership plan provides cover for the main member, one spouse and six children under the age of 21 years or 25 years if registered as a full-time student. Maximum age at entry for main member and spouse is 69 years. Cover is applicable for the whole of life – a life ensured enjoys cover as long as premiums are paid.

Spouse – a person (a) to whom the client is married, and which marriage is accepted under the law of South Africa – including, among other, a civil, customary, or same-sex marriage; or (b) with whom the member lives in a relationship similar to a marriage and has existed for at least six months.

Children – included as immediate family must be under 21. Children who are permanently disabled and totally dependent on you or the main life insured may be included at any age. Children who are unmarried and full-time students at an educational institution approved by us may be included if they are under age 25. Cover for children stops when they turn 21. For disabled children (described above) it does not stop at any specific age. For a still-born child the death benefit will be paid only if the birth takes place after 26 weeks of pregnancy, and is not self-induced.

Payment of claims

If a beneficiary has been nominated, money will be available immediately as proceeds are received outside of the deceased state. If pay-out cannot be made to the beneficiary, the proceeds will be paid to your estate.

We must receive a completed claim form within six months of the death of the life insured. The person who claims must at their own cost, prove the claim, show that no exclusions apply and give us all the information and documents that we need to consider the claim. This must include the following:

  • The claim form – completed and signed
  • Certified copy of the valid ID of the person who claims
  • Certified copy of the original death certificate of the life insured
  • Copy of the notification/ registration of death form (DHA1663)
  • Copy of a valid bank statement of the person who claims, not older than three months, showing the account holder and account number
  • Police report if the death is due to unnatural causes, for example, a motor vehicle accident
  • Documents you must give us if you are claiming for a child: (1) certified copy of the child’s abridged birth certificate – parent/s details must show; (2)guardianship letter
  • Other documents that we may reasonably require

Please note

  • Stillborn – only the mother (main member) may claim
  • Your claim form with all the documents must be emailed to

Funeral benefits

As part of your membership fee – NATU has negotiated funeral benefits as follows:

  • Member 18-65 years:  R30 000
  • Spouse 18-69 years:    R30 000
  • Children 14-21 years:   R30 000
  • Children 6-13 years:     R21 000
  • Children 1-5 years:       R10 000
  • Stillborn – 11 months:  R9 000

Underwritten by

Assupol Life Ltd

Authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP no. 53) Reg no 2010/025083/06

Contract provisions apply