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NATU Services

National Teachers' Union

The National Teachers’ Union aims to fight for a non-discriminatory and equitable system of education where working conditions, salaries, facilities in schools and proper functioning of the Department of Education are satisfactory. To give necessary support towards the attainment of efficient and effective compulsory schooling, improve the professional status of teachers by supporting professional development of members, fight for gender parity and elimination of backlogs, serve the interests of the child, and promote co-operation with parents and community.   

In pursuit and fulfilment of the above aims, NATU provides these services to members:

Negotiates with the Employer

NATU through its leadership, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members and negotiates labour contracts through collective bargaining with the employer. This may include the negotiations of wages, rules pertaining to work, complaint procedures, rules governing appointment, paternity benefits, maternity benefits, dismissals and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace health and safety, and policies and a way for these agreements to work.

Protects Members

NATU has a responsibility to protect members from any form of discrimination and abuse, unfair labour practices, and unfair dismissal.

Educates Members

NATU educates members on their rights and on how to enforce these rights. Members are educated on how to carry out their tasks in the Union and about the political and economic situation in the country, and how this affects them.

Represents Members

NATU represents members on policy-making structures like Councils for Education and other relevant structures.

Other services:

  • Personalized advisory services on any matter affecting the lives of individual members
  • Representation during interviews for appointment and promotion posts
  • Disseminates information to members
  • Legal service offered by NATU Legal Section