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Legal Section

NATU Legal Section

NATU Legal Section - 14th Floor Embassy Building, Durban

The establishment of a fully-fledged NATU Legal Section has assisted NATU to fight for its members against all forms of unfair labour practices, problems of unpaid or inappropriate salaries – as well as disputes related to staff transfers, promotions, discrimination and favouritism. Further, the Legal Section reinforces NATU’s determination to support members who may face difficulties in the workplace as this is a fundamental benefit of union membership.

The NATU Legal Section is used to expedite resolutions of members’ problems, thereby alleviating the great financial and emotional burden that would otherwise befall members. This is one of the ways in which NATU endeavours to improve its services to its members and secure them adequate protection against various hazards and any unanticipated eventualities that may come their way.

As a by-product, it is envisaged that membership benefits, such as this one, would encourage and entice non-NATU members to join the NATU family of professionals. Certainly, every educator yearns for equality of treatment for all workers and legal protection. For such people, NATU is the union of choice. Indeed, this is one of the Union’s foremost competitive advantages. Thus, all labour-related decisions of the Education Department fall under very close scrutiny. For a long time NATU relied heavily on the voluntary support and commitment of its many Branch representatives to deliver this key benefit to both the Union as well as to individual members. Thus, although the NATU Legal Section is not designed to take away this very important collaborative and participatory ethos in the relationship of the Union and its members, this service comes with great relief, effectiveness and efficiency.

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