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Wage Talks Reach Stalemate

Mr Sibusiso Malinga - NATU Acting President

The Central Executive Board (CEB) issued a report on 15th August 2022 apprising members that the State as Employer presented cost-containment measures as proviso for offering 3% salary increase on the baseline. In that report, we were explicit that NATU objects to any measures that seeks to impose premature retirements on workers.

During the meeting of Council (PSCBC) held on 18 August 2022, Employer reiterated their intention to impose a 3% deal to labour, coercing trade union parties to agree to the austerity measures for them to offer a 3% salary increase. Disappointingly, the same Employer has not improved on its offer of 2% since 24 June 2022 when it was tabled.

After thorough consideration and seeing that negotiations were stand pat, NATU declared a deadlock.

As a union, we still have appetite for further engagements through facilitation under the following conditions:

  • Employer must withdraw the cost-containment measures. 
  • Employer must present at least 3% salary increase on the baseline
  • That the minimum 3% is a point of departure for negotiations, not as settlement deal.

CEB respects the fact that majority of members mandated that we embark on industrial action, but we deem it prudent that we attempt facilitation as deadlock-breaking mechanism first and take it henceforth.

Issued by Office of the Acting President

Mr S.V. Malinga