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The NATU Teacher Development Institute is soon to embark on a training programme, aimed at capacitating teachers to teach “skills for a changing world,” with specific reference to digital skills, coding and robotics and the related subjects of artificial intelligence, mathematics, science and technology, entrepreneurial skills and new subjects introduced to the school curriculum.

Training will be provided within the aegis of the Teacher Union Collaboration (TUC) programme to two groups of participants, as follows:

  • Those who own their own laptops or have access to a laptop for the duration of the training (6weeks)
  • Those who own or have access to a Smart Phone for the duration of the training (6weeks)


The purpose of this Survey is to find out those who would like to participate in this training on Coding and Robotics and which group they would like to join between the two groups described above.

Download the survey form, complete and send us your completed reply by email (scan & email) to by Friday, 8th April 2022. We will subsequently get back to you as soon as arrangements for the training have been finalized.

Survey form pdf