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The National Teachers’ Union staged the 2023 National Sports Games which were held on the 9th of September 2023 at the CentralUniversity of Technology in Bloemfontein under the theme ‘Mind-Body Fitness and Wellness, A Productive Workforce.

’The Central Executive Board (CEB) would like to convey words of gratitude to each and every member of NATU for participating in the Games. Our special thanks go to the Sports Committee, the Local Organising Committee comprising of the Regional Executive Committee of the Free State Region, members of staff, all Branch and Regional leaders, and mainly the players in different sporting codes. Undoubtedly, all participants displayed high level of maturity, tolerance and professionalism both in and outside the field of play.

Furthermore, the Office of the President would like to congratulate the winners of all different sports codes. “These were friendly games hosted nationally for purposes of wellness with the aim of reigniting unity and cohesion in the NATU family. We appreciate everyone for
participating and supporting the games.”