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Message of Appreciation for a Successful World Teachers’ Day Commemoration & Renaming of the NATU Teacher Development Institute Hall of Fame

The Central Executive Board (CEB) would like to convey words of appreciation to everyone who contributed progressively towards the success of the World Teachers’ Day Commemoration and Renaming of the NATU Teacher Development Institute Hall which took place in Newcastle (Madadeni) on Friday, 27th October 2023.

We express our gratitude to the leaders in various Regions and Branches, Shop Stewards, Ushers, Sargent at Arms and Members of Staff for their devotion which resulted into a successful event in honor of our departed icon, Cde. Alan Thompson, may his soul continue to rest in peace.

Special thanks to the Thompson Family, Guests, Fraternal Organisations and Stakeholders for their unwavering support.

The CEB commits to pay respect to the union past leaders in recognition of their contributions to the struggle and establishment of our beloved Organisation, and further commends everyone for attending and participating in this historic event. Through your support, the event was successful and joyous.

Thank you, Realeboga, Ndo a livhuwa, Baie dankie, Siyabulela, Siyabonga!